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Bartec is the UK supplier for Biodex medical imaging tables and offers a comprehensive range of General Ultrasound, Echocardiography and C-Arm Imaging Tables.   

All of the products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability and are designed for operator comfort and safety and to accommodate Bariatric Patients.

The design of the Ultrasound Tables focuses on minimisation of repetitive strain injuries to Sonographers by maximising Sonographer comfort and operational convenience.

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C-Arm Imaging Tables

Imaging Table Accessories

Ultrasound & Echocardiography Tables

Ultrasound Accessories

Medical Imaging Tables

Surgical C-Arm Table 840

Ideal for cardiovascular procedures. Three-axis motorized positioning plus X-Y free-float

Surgical C-Arm Table 846

Free-float tabletop design with quick and comfortable patient positioning at an affordable price.

Pain Management C-Arm Table 870

Ideal for pain care applications

Brachytherapy C-Arm  Table 810

Compact and smooth rolling design makes the Brachytherapy Table ideal for swing room use.

Urology C-Arm  Table 800

For urology procedures. Configure to your exact specifications.

Imaging Table Accessories

A range of accessories for C-Arm tables

Fixed Height Surgical
C-Arm Table

Designed for unrestricted head-to-toe C-Arm positioning during image-guided procedures.

3D Imaging C-Arm Table 820

Designed to function with 3D C-Arms providing complete access with minimal exposure

Sound Pro Combination Table

Dual-purpose table accommodates ultrasound and echocardiography procedures.

Ultra Pro Ultrasound Table

Dedicated for all general ultrasound procedures, including OB/GYN.

Econo Ultrasound Table

Designed for both patient and sonographer - an economical solution for ultrasound procedures.

Econo Echocardiography Table

Loaded with features, economically priced.

Echo Pro Echocardiography Table

Efficient positioning reduces sonographer injuries.

Ultrasound Accessories

A range of accessories for Ultrasound tables

Biodex Surgical C-Arm Table - 840