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Shielded furniture suitable for your laboratory's needs

When working in laboratories with radioactive materials, it's essential to stay protected against exposure and contamination.

Bartec supplies a comprehensive and flexible range of shields, storage, and furniture including lead-lined refrigerators and storage safes, to reduce exposure to harmful materials.

What do our customers think?

John Wright, Senior Teaching Technician and Microbiology Specialist at the University of Leeds, said:

"We have a multi-modal imaging facility housing PET/SPECT/CT, microCT, MRI, Optical Imaging and Ultrasound scanners all in the same lab. We purchased lead shielding from Bartec as it provides vital protection when preparing and handling radioactive material for PET scans. The lead shielding has been extremely useful and has proven to significantly reduce (and in some instances negate) exposure to ionising radiation. The service from Bartec has been excellent, with outstanding attention to customer requirements."

For more information or to enquire about our range of shielded furniture, please  contact our dedicated sales team on 01276 581 689 or email

BVEC’s comprehensive services encompass preventative health care including vaccinations and routine dental work, lameness and poor performance investigations, to emergency colic operations. In addition, the practice also provides regenerative therapy and internal medicine services to recommend a prompt diagnosis and suitable treatment.

Promoting the welfare of the animals at the practice

Recent advances in sports science has resulted in technology becoming increasingly integrated and essential to success in a variety of horse disciplines. To cement its standing as one of the UK’s leading equine clinic’s, BVEC wanted to invest in modern technology to replace its previous GE and Sun-Sparc workstation which had become outdated and difficult to service and support due to the availability of spare parts.

BVEC approached its longstanding supplier, Bartec Technologies Ltd (Bartec – which is now part of the LabLogic Group), to provide a state-of-the-art scintigraphy system which would help to maximise the competitive performance of horses and their training stables, while also enhancing the welfare of the animals the practice was treating. Scintigraphy, or bone scan, allows a full body assessment of a horse to image areas which are not accessible with an X-ray machine to detect areas of bone inflammation, or damage, to support lameness investigations.

Bartec specialise in the supply, delivery, installation and support of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging equipment and accessories. The company is the UK and Ireland’s exclusive supplier for Mediso which manufacture the widest range of gamma cameras in the world along with advanced imaging systems.

As the leading supplier to the UK and Europe for veterinary nuclear scintigraphy equipment, Bartec was able to recommend the world leading Mediso AnyScan imaging system to BVEC. The pioneering, multimodality solution represents a new integrated approach to medical imaging and delivers more enhanced diagnostic capabilities than separate modalities are capable of.

“Bartec’s experience of implementing Mediso systems and proven track record of success in the pre-clinical environment convinced us that the AnyScan solution would offer considerable benefits to our growing racehorse customer base. However, committing to this groundbreaking technology required a significant six-figure investment which would have impacted our cash flow,” explains Jeremy Swan, BVEC’s main orthopaedic and dual colic surgeon who set up the clinic’s scintigraphy unit.

Investing in modern technology to remain a leading equine clinic

Expanding equine practices face the challenge of how to keep up with advancements in new technology while budgeting for additional financial outlays, such as recruiting additional staff, ongoing administration fees and tax liabilities.

Mike Bewick, Sales and Marketing Director at Bartec Technologies, comments, “It was clear that BVEC would struggle to purchase AnyScan upfront as well as the associated implementation and maintenance fees. So we were committed to finding a more cost effective way to enable the practice to unlock the potential of the system by paying for it over a period of time instead of in one lump sum.”

Bartec turned to its trusted partner Wesleyan Bank to determine whether it could offer a bespoke finance package with spread payment terms that would be beneficial to the interests of all parties.

As a specialist provider of unique finance solutions for IT vendors and resellers, Wesleyan Bank was able to propose affordable financing to BVEC without the need for capital expenditure to drive the business’s ambitious growth plans. This consisted of a payment over time agreement to cover the cost of purchasing the AnyScan system over a five-year period to include hardware and annual support fees from Bartec in a single, affordable monthly financial package.

Mike Bewick continues, “This deal wouldn’t have been possible without Wesleyan Bank’s flexible finance solution and proactive support from our dedicated account manager in tailoring an agreement which offered peace of mind to everyone. BVEC has been able to rapidly access the modern technology it required to remain the leaders in its field in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“While at Bartec, we have received the money from Wesleyan Bank for the cost of purchasing the Mediso AnyScan system which underpins our own ambitious growth plans for the future.”

Results and benefits for the end user and supplier

Bartec successfully implemented AnyScan on time in October and BVEC has been delighted by how the cutting-edge system is enabling the veterinary practice to retain and grow its customer base. To cover the cost of Wesleyan Bank’s monthly finance solution, BVEC only needs to perform approximately two body scans per month using the new system. But due to the interest from riding stables looking to reap the benefits of the innovative solution, BVEC is on course to gain a rapid return on investment within half of the time of the five-year agreement.

Jeremy Swan adds, “AnyScan is transforming our business model and assists our customers to spot the exact location, size, nature and extent of injury anywhere within a horse’s body. Demand has been very high and in the first week of implementing the system we performed six scans alone, which is not only paying for the cost of the technology but also maximising our profitability levels.

“Thanks to Bartec and Wesleyan Bank, they were able to make AnyScan affordable at the right time and are very approachable to work with. This has enabled BVEC to be trendsetters in equine scintigraphy and provide a value-added service to our growing client base.”


Wesleyan Bank helps leading equine clinic to race ahead with new system from Bartec Technologies

Established in 1951, Bourton Vale Equine Clinic (BVEC) is an independent, well-equipped equine veterinary practice situated in the heart of the Cotswolds, which delivers complete care within a stress free environment for both the horse and owner. BVEC’s equine vets work from a purpose-built clinic and have specialities in a variety of horse activities such as racing, dressage and show jumping to reproduction, hunting and endurance riding. In doing so, the vets pride themselves on offering an excellent standard of care to all horses, from Olympic athletes, world champions and Cheltenham Festival winners, to the smallest pony and donkey.

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02 MARCH 2018

Bartec Technologies installs first of its kind Gamma Camera in the UK supporting the acceleration of treatment for cancer, dementia and heart disease

The development and implementation of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in the UK takes a step forward this month with the installation by Bartec Technologies Ltd of a unique state-of-the-art Gamma Camera system at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London.

The installation forms a major part of NPL's new Metrology for Medical Physics Centre (MEMPHYS) to address the critical need for early diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as cancer, dementia and heart disease.  

The AnyScan® TRIO SCP by Mediso, supplied by Bartec, is a unique capability multi-modality Gamma Camera. The cutting edge system is the only triple-detector gamma camera on the market that combines SPECT, CT and PET imaging. It is the first of its kind to be installed in the UK and will allow NPL the flexibility to produce high quality images across multiple modalities.

The new system will help to expand NPL’s core function as a provider of standards of radioactivity. The facility will be used to develop new clinical quantitative nuclear medicine imaging standards with direct traceability to NPL standards.

As part of NPL's strategy to enable the rapid and widespread implementation of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, the new system will also support a range of services being offered to the NHS, academia and industry, including consultancy and advice, commissioning and validation methodologies and quality assurance protocols and training.

Andrew Fenwick, Higher Research Scientist at NPL, said: "The new camera system supplied by Bartec has a unique capability and will be the only triple-modality scanner in the world directly calibrated against primary standards of radioactivity. This will ultimately provide clinicians and pharmaceutical developers with confidence in their medical image decision-making and progress of clinical drug trials."

Mike Bewick, Sales Director at Bartec, said: "Bartec are delighted to work on such a prestigious project and with a market leading organisation such as NPL. We are proud to deliver a system which will play a significant role in helping NPL achieve their research goals."

The system was unveiled at the MEMPHYS Centre launch Open Day on Friday 23 February. The camera had been installed within the space of 90 days, alongside radiation protection experts Raybloc who ensured the facility was fit for purpose.

Andrew Fenwick, Higher Research Scientist at NPL showing a group of visitors the new Mediso Anyscan system in NPL at the MEMPHYS launch on Friday 23 February

31 MAY 2018

GDPR at the LabLogic Group

We are pretty certain you will have heard the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect today. The LabLogic Group of companies including LabLogic Systems, Southern Scientific, Knight Imaging, Care Wise and Bartec Technologies have updated their privacy policies to address these new guidelines.

The LabLogic Group will at all times comply with its obligations under the GDPR as well as any preceding, subsequent or additional data protection obligations.

We have always and will always treat your data with respect. With this in mind we don’t seem it necessary to directly message an updated privacy policy or send an opt in campaign.

Like all businesses, we hold personal information for marketing purposes. This information is typically harvested from exhibitions, site visits and networking events. We do not use purchased 3rd party mailing lists.

We market to prospects in businesses whom we suspect can benefit from the goods and services we provide. We take our lead on using prospect data from The Information Commissioners Office:

Where email marketing is undertaken, all communication has an immediate unsubscribe. We only ever intend to send relevant marketing communications to our previous customers and prospects.

We segment our database to ensure that all of our communications are targeted and customers receive information which they have a legitimate interest in. If we get that wrong, we will amend our records as soon as we become aware; we value your time as much as we value ours.

The privacy and security of your data is a priority for us. Should you have cause for complaint we would hope to be able to resolve this for you.

Kind regards,

Adam Brown
Group Marketing Manager
T: +44 (0) 114 266 7267 | M: +44 (0) 7788 257698
A: Paradigm House, 3 Melbourne Avenue, Sheffield, S10 2QJ, UK


Bartec’s Equine Gamma Camera is a hit in Gloucestershire

Bourton Vale Equine Clinic, an independent equine practice based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, has recently reviewed the Mediso AnyScan® VS Veterinary Nuclear Scintigraphy System from Bartec Technologies.

The Mediso system is a veterinary digital head gamma scanner system, providing exceptional bone imaging capabilities and includes Bartec's Veterinary Acquisition and Processing Software.

Susan Stodart HND, Bourton Vale Equine Clinic, said: "We decided to purchase the Mediso system because we had an existing relationship with Bartec and the team were quick and prompt when responding to our initial enquiry about purchasing a new camera."

"The Mediso camera and software have greatly improved the service we can offer our clients when carrying out a bone scan on their horse. The large field of detection means we can image more of the patient at a time, therefore cutting down procedure time and reducing our radiation exposure to our staff. We have benefited from the compact nature of the system and the user-friendliness, alongside the excellent image quality."

"We have found the software used in the acquisition stage of the scan easy and quick to use. The camera itself is also easy to use and manoeuvre, and it is tolerated well by patients. The processing software has various options for reporting and is again easy to use."

"Finally, the service from Bartec has been excellent. The initial training was good, and training providers have also helped staff members increase their skills with the reporting side of the software. We had our six-month service visit in May, and the engineers are always considerate to our workload and fit our visits around us."

Bartec can support you through all stages of setup, service, and operation of the Mediso AnyScan® VS Veterinary Nuclear Scintigraphy System.


Bartec’s Transportation Solutions for Shipping Radioactive Doses

Bartec is the only organisation in the UK that supplies a range of suitable products for the transportation of radioactive doses.

With a 30-year history in the nuclear medicine industry, Bartec offers licensed, reusable and certified Type A products for transportation of radioactive doses.

Type A products, determined by the World Nuclear Transport Institute, are used for the transportation of small but significant quantities of radioactive material, including radioisotopes for medical diagnosis.

Bartec’s shipping containers can be used for the transportation of both patient and equine radiation doses. These doses can be shipped in either individually shielded syringes or multi-dose vials.

Both sets of containers will be recertified and the end users will receive new certificates that are updated to the latest regulations, following inspections onsite by trained Bartec staff.

For more information about Bartec’s radioactive shipping solutions, please contact our dedicated sales team on 01276 581 689 or email