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Bartec is the UK supplier for Mediso imaging systems.  Mediso produces the widest range of Gamma Cameras of any manufacturer.

The innovative, award winning, triple modality AnyScan® imaging system integrates Mediso’s new SPECT, PET and CT modules.

The Nucline™ Gamma Camera family offers simple, effective and competitively priced cameras for high throughput of SPECT and Whole Body imaging.

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AnyScan® Multi-Modality

AnyScan® SPECT

Nucline™ TH

MicasXplus® Processing Software

InterView™ XP

InterView™ Fusion

Medical Imaging Systems

Pioneering AnyScan® Multi Modality System

AnyScan® Multi-Modality System

AnyScan® Multi Modality System

High quality scans in both nuclear and radiological modalities -

AnyScan® SPECT

Variable geometry Dual Detector Whole Body auto-contouring

Nucline™ TH

Digital High Resolution, SFOV Gamma Camera for Thyroid, Heart, Mammo and Small Organs Imaging

Nucline™ TH

Processing Software

Bartec’s own nuclear medicine processing software

MicasXplus® Processing Software AnyScan® SPECT AnyScan® Multi-Modality System

InterView™ Fusion
Image Evaluation

Multimodality image processing workstation for clinical applications

MicasXplus® Processing Software

InterView™ XP
Image Evaluation

Nuclear medical image evaluation workstation supporting quantitative and 2D-3D presentation

MicasXplus® Processing Software